• Lance and everyone in his office immediately came to our rescue, taking everything off of our hands so that we could focus on my husband's recovery. There are no words to describe how thankful we are for Lance and all that he did for our family.
    - Wife of Police Officer Represented in Auto Accident
  • Your diligence, tenacity and professionalism are outstanding. You got us a much higher settlement than we thought possible. We have and will continue to recommend you without hesitation. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    - Police Officer Represented in On-Duty Accident

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    We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. Although these testimonials are printed with permission, some client names have been concealed. All of the following are unpaid testimonials.

Lance LoRusso is a phenomenal attorney. His knowledge about what the average LEO faces on a daily basis is second to none. He’s been there, and it shows. His dedication to you and your case is outstanding. I cannot think of a better person I would want by my side when faced with on the job issues, whether they are administrative, civil, or criminal. He has helped me personally with both civil and criminal matters, and we were successful each time. Lance will tell you that it was because of me, but I will tell you that I could not have done it without his expertise, his experience, his dedication and his faith in the good guy. He put countless hours into making sure I was prepared and confident. He made himself familiar with every detail of my incident as though he had been there with me. I really could not have been successful without him and will never be able to thank him enough. Lance is a dedicated attorney to the LEO community, and we are better for it. Whether you’re a member of a union or going it alone, just don’t do it without him. I can’t recommend Lance and his team enough.

– T. Atzert

Lance was once a Cobb County Police Officer and worked hard to put himself through law school while working a police beat. He has walked the beat in our boots. This makes him the right person to respond to an officer-involved shooting situation because he knows first­hand what stress and conflicts face an officer who has just been forced to shoot someone and possibly take that person’s life.

– Steven Gaynor, Secretary of Georgia Fraternal Order of Police

As a former police officer Lance fully understands every aspect of the job. Despite leaving the streets for the courtroom, his soul remains dedicated to those who serve. Lance has represented me twice in civil actions as a plaintiff; the first was after I was physically assaulted during an arrest, and the second following a false accusation of a criminal act. During both cases my options were fully explained, I was regularly advised about the status of the case, and each had positive results. I do not believe you will find a more ethical, professional, or dedicated lawyer. Lance has assembled a first class staff that matches his standards. I highly recommend the LoRusso Law Firm. If you are a law enforcement officer, there are no other options.

– Police Officer Represented in Multiple Cases

Mr. LoRusso represented me involving a Peace Officer Standard Training (POST) error. He thoroughly researched my case and provided a clear and direct approach on how to handle the problem. His professional manner of approaching the problem took away the anxiety that I felt. Of course, my way of handling the problem would have caused me more grief than I could take. He steered me in the right path and at the end, all problems were resolved and the director himself hand walked the clearance I needed to continue as a peace officer. I cannot thank Mr. LoRusso and his staff enough for the professionalism, courtesy, confidence and advice I received from his office.

– Officer Represented in POST Issue

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you have done for my family and me. I have been a LEO for almost 15 years and for the most part my career had been a tremendous ride with a few ups and downs. A few years ago, for the first time in my career, I was involved in my first shooting. I was told that Lance was highly recommended by another attorney and that his knowledge of shooting incidents was no match for other attorneys. My wife and I came to see Lance, and from then on out we had no worries and knew that God had sent us to the right person to represent us. Since then, I have been involved in another shooting and from that point on my life truly changed in so many ways. I want to tell anyone who may read this that Lance was on scene within 30 to 40 minutes of being called as my FOP Attorney. Lance is for real and bleeds blue for all of us, just like we do. While dealing with this life changing experience Lance has been there for me and my family on several occasions and really cares about his clients. His knowledge about Georgia and Federal Law is overwhelming, YOU won’t be disappointed. We are very thankful, God Bless.

– Officer Represented in Multiple Critical Incidents

With over 30 years in law enforcement and after being wrongfully and illegally terminated from a small police department I knew just how important it was to find the right attorney to represent me in order to regain not only my career but also and more importantly my good name and reputation. After reviewing a number of attorney profiles in the metro Atlanta area I felt that Lance LoRusso’s past experience as a Cobb County police officer for 12 years and his current standing as the Chief Legal Counsel for the State of Georgia Fraternal Order of Police made him the attorney I needed to represent me.

During my initial consultation with Lance he demonstrated a sincere interest in my case, expressed his concern and compassion for my wrongful termination and agreed to represent me. He then went on to explain the difficulties in succeeding in a wrongful termination cause with Georgia’s “At-Will Employment” Doctrine, which greatly favors the employer. Lance learned all aspects of my case, the people involved, researched legal issues and built a defense in which he could show that I was not only wrongfully terminated but I was terminated for an illegal cause, the criteria needed to prevail in a Georgia At-Will Employment Law action. Lance allowed me to be an active part in preparing my defense during which time we developed a very good professional working relationship. I began to admire this man more and more as I saw how he planned to represent me.

After 30 years in law enforcement and working with many attorneys I came to learn that some attorneys like to go to court and some do not. After two separate appeal hearings before the City, I confirmed that Lance is a true professional and a very competent litigator who actually enjoys presenting his case and defending his client. I was quite impressed with how thoroughly he immersed himself in my case, learned the people involved, learned every critical detail and how he presented my case in such a confident manner before the appeal board members.

As a result, after only nine months, the City elected to settle my case without formal court litigation even being initiated. Even under Georgia’s employer friendly “At-Will Employment” Doctrine Lance was able to obtain a very favorable settlement agreement which not only reimbursed me monetarily, but also saved my career in law enforcement and also restored my good name and reputation. During this process I also gained Lance LoRusso as a new and trusted friend. Lance is not the type of attorney who will take any case; he has to feel that you have a just cause and that he can actually help your cause; although there are never any guarantees. I can, without hesitation, recommend Lance LoRusso to anyone who needs excellent legal representation.

– Peter J. Kusek

Mr. LoRusso and his professional staff helped me with a POST process throughout this last year. Their team of knowledgeable and courteous staff has helped me to fully understand the process step by step in a clear and concise manner. Their team remains easy to contact, and returns missed calls and emails with a promptness that is hard, if not impossible, to top. I really am thankful, and remain impressed with the services that LoRusso Law Firm has provided me over the last nine months.

– Police Officer Represented in POST Issue

After being terminated from a municipal law enforcement agency for allegedly being untruthful about my use of Military Leave, I was referred to the LoRusso Law Firm by a ranking member of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police. After explaining my situation to Lance, he was able to “see through the smoke” and immediately began working to resolve the issue. In doing so, he reached out to multiple resources, including those at the highest level of the Georgia Army National Guard, in order to clearly establish the facts of my case. After only nine months, my case was brought in front of the Georgia POST Council and was subsequently dismissed after it was found that I had not committed any violations of the POST Act, as alleged by my previous employer. Despite the allegations that were made, Lance and his staff believed in me and worked diligently to clear my name. Due to their efforts, I am now able to continue my career in law enforcement.

– Police Officer Represented in POST Issue

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Lorusso Law Firm. I was in a position in which I had never been in before. Although I was not what you would call a priority case, Lance and his colleagues treated me with dignity and respect. Lance was approachable and ensured that everything that I needed was taken care of. My situation was unique and because of the Lorusso Law Firm my POST certification remained in Good Standing.

– Police Officer Represented in POST Issue
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