• Lance and everyone in his office immediately came to our rescue, taking everything off of our hands so that we could focus on my husband's recovery. There are no words to describe how thankful we are for Lance and all that he did for our family.
    - Wife of Police Officer Represented in Auto Accident
  • Your diligence, tenacity and professionalism are outstanding. You got us a much higher settlement than we thought possible. We have and will continue to recommend you without hesitation. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    - Police Officer Represented in On-Duty Accident

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    We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. Although these testimonials are printed with permission, some client names have been concealed. All of the following are unpaid testimonials.

Lance Lorusso and his firm was referred to me by a friend to represent me for an accident that I was involved in where I was hit head on by a drunk driver. The driver who hit me had no insurance and no assets. I was very concerned about the direction my life was headed. I had to be practically rebuilt from the waist down. I remember one of the first things that Lance told me when he visited me in the hospital was to worry about getting well and let him worry about the rest. That is exactly what he did. He took care of my case and kept me well informed, and in a timely manner, of everything that was going on. I have never really trusted attorneys, but not only did Lance earn my trust, but he also became my friend! I put my trust in him, and he never let me down. Lance was able to get me a large settlement where there was nothing to get. I can’t explain it, but he knows what he’s doing.  He was very persistent in pursuing every avenue possible to get me the settlement that I deserved.  Lance and his firm do not believe in giving up! I believe they really care about the people they represent. It’s more than just a job to them. Thank you Lance and everyone else that worked on my case. Thank you also for the friendships that I gained. – Ricky Faulkner

On April 22, 2012 we were hit head on by a drunk driver. He had no insurance, drivers license and was illegal. There were 4 of us in the car, all with injuries. We were referred to LoRusso Law Firm. It was the best referral we’ve ever received.  In the end we won a large settlement and without LoRusso Law Firm, that would’ve been impossible. We can’t thank them enough. – Byers Family

Mr. LoRusso is a knowledgeable, no-nonsense lawyer with an extensive background in investigation. As a practicing lawyer in Georgia myself, Mr. LoRusso is the first lawyer I call when I run into complicated legal issues that need immediate attention. He has earned my unwavering trust and respect.

Mr. LoRusso continues to be the most thorough and detailed attorney that I know. His detailed analysis of any situation is one of his many excellent talents that make him a top litigator and advocate for his clients. There is no doubt that with him as your counsel you are highly likely to have a successful outcome of your case and litigation.

I’ve known Lance for around a decade now and he has always stepped up to the plate when it comes to helping a friend with a legal issue. Now that he has his own firm he has taken that dedication and made it into a business model. I consider the LoRusso Law Firm as my personal legal team for all matters requiring legal support and advice.

The LoRusso Law Firm has represented me in cases involving my business as well as personal cases. They are always responsive and courteous while taking the time to fully explain my options. They go the extra mile!

In March of 2004, I needed an annulment from the Catholic Church as a result of finding the right woman to marry. At that time, I had never used Lance’s services but he was a trusted friend. I asked him to assist me and he very quickly learned all of the “ins” and “outs” of the annulment process with the Catholic Church.

In a process that normally can take years, Lance was able to guide me through the paperwork and the maze of issues that you have to navigate in order to complete the process. Because of his commitment to both excellence and service, the whole process took about 1 year.

Because of his expertise and competence, I was able to complete the annulment in full just days before I was to be married again and it would not have happened that way without Lance’s help and guidance.

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