• Lance and everyone in his office immediately came to our rescue, taking everything off of our hands so that we could focus on my husband's recovery. There are no words to describe how thankful we are for Lance and all that he did for our family.
    - Wife of Police Officer Represented in Auto Accident
  • Your diligence, tenacity and professionalism are outstanding. You got us a much higher settlement than we thought possible. We have and will continue to recommend you without hesitation. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    - Police Officer Represented in On-Duty Accident
  • I do not believe you will find a more ethical, professional, or dedicated lawyer. Lance has assembled a first class staff that matches his standards. I highly recommend the LoRusso Law Firm. If you are a law enforcement officer, there are no other options.
    - Police Officer Represented in Multiple Cases
  • Lance is not the type of attorney who will take any case; he has to feel that you have a just cause and that he can actually help your cause; although there are never any guarantees. I can, without hesitation, recommend Lance LoRusso to anyone who needs excellent legal representation.
    - Peter J. Kusek
  • He has the unique ability to size up a complex matter and articulate a well-reasoned position. Lance's knowledge of the law and his depth of experience, coupled with the responsive and personal service he provides, all contribute to a strong and valued relationship with our organization.
    - Carlton Stallings, President Georgia Fraternal Order of Police
  • As a mediator who has mediated over 3,000 cases, Lance always presents his cases in the most professional and persuasive way possible to achieve the best results for his clients. His settlements have always been excellent and in the best interests of his clients.
    - Tom Tobin, Esq., Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service, Inc.
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