• Lance and everyone in his office immediately came to our rescue, taking everything off of our hands so that we could focus on my husband's recovery. There are no words to describe how thankful we are for Lance and all that he did for our family.
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  • Your diligence, tenacity and professionalism are outstanding. You got us a much higher settlement than we thought possible. We have and will continue to recommend you without hesitation. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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December 11, 2011
[Keeping it light]

Support Comes In All Forms…

It is easy as LEOs to focus on the bad moments in a day. For some reason, those moments are more memorable for LEOs including bad wrecks, domestic disputes and simple nonsense that makes you wonder sometimes if Darwin was completely wrong! However, there are moments that also give us faith and strength as well as support. A kind word from a stranger, a thank you note sent to the chief or some other small gesture that reaffirms our commitment and confirms that the time spent in the cold and rain is appreciated.

This past weekend, I was honored to enjoy another pheasant hunt with friends and clients from six states at the Mountain View Plantation in Delta, Alabama. This marks the eleventh year we gathered to exchange stories, catch up and form new friendships. The hunters represented many professions. We had lawyers, bankers, accountants, pharmacists, financial advisors, retired LEOs, professors, students, vehicle restorers, physicians, IT professionals and others. Many attendees were retired military and most served our country in the armed forces or law enforcement. We all have many things in common including our love for the outdoors and hunting and a commitment to service before self.

This year, I added a mission to our hunt. This summer, I met the founders of Hunting For Heroes at the Biennial Conference for the Fraternal Order of Police in Salt Lake City. This non-profit takes disabled LEOs hunting. They support the LEOs and their families as they transition to a life they never imagined. H4H, as they are also known, is committed to using any method necessary from specialized wheelchairs to modified weapons in order to get these LEOs into the woods to fish and hunt. From dove to turkey to trophy bucks, the game may change, but the mission is the same. They make certain these LEOs never feel alone or confined to their homes. Many of these LEOs have never hunted before and H4H opens up a new world of recreation and enjoyment for them and their families.

This year, I told theĀ  hunters about H4H. We held a raffle for a shotgun and brought the president of H4H to our hunt. Through the raffle tickets and the donations we raised over $3000.00 for H4H! Perhaps in a bit of mojo, the winner of the raffle is a retired Leo.

For all the hunters who attended, please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your support in all forms.






As you go through this 2011 holiday season, remember that you have the support of so many citizens who understand and appreciate what you do every day for all of us. Remember that there are groups out there like H4H who stand with you when you and your family need support. Sometimes a “thank you” to a LEO when they walk by in uniform is enough. When it is not enough, there are people like the hunters I was honored to see this weekend and the folks at H4H who will take “thank you” to a whole new level.

Stay safe.

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