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August 8, 2017
[Blue Line Lawyer]

Realistic De-Escalation the Force Science® way!

On August 3rd and 4th, I was in Orlando attending another excellent Force Science® class. In December 2015, I attended the five day Force Science® certification course. It was a tremendous training opportunity filled with peer-reviewed research focused on force encounters involving LEOs. The certification class raised the bar pretty high for me. The Realistic De-escalation Course did not disappoint. It was well-worth the tuition!

For Dr. Bill Lewinsky and his team, de-escalation is not a buzzword. Bill has been engaged in the science of de-escalation for fifty years. Like all other law enforcement concepts, Force Science® does not present de-escalation in a vacuum. It is part of a full on examination of the interactions between the LEO and the subject. In response to recent media and “expert” calls for more de-escalation by LEOs, I have pushed a message that de-escalation requires the cooperation of two people-it is not a one-sided process. This principle is incorporated into every part of this class.

The central premise of the Force Science® Realistic De-escalation class is this: de-escalation is an outcome, not a tactic. LEOs have many tools in their tool kits that can lead to this outcome. In fact, LEOs de-escalate tense and emotionally charged situations every minute of every day involving angry, distraught, and mentally unstable subjects. The class recognizes that officer safety must always be of paramount concern and that some situations cannot be de-escalated. However, this class incorporates all these principles into a sixteen-hour class that is appropriate for executives, trainers, command staff, and line LEOs.

I was honored to attend the debut of Realistic De-escalation. Knowing Force Science®, the class will be even better as they constantly improve the material using the latest research and feedback from attendees. You and your agency need this class. It is worth the tuition to save the lives of our LEOs and the members of the communities they serve. Stay safe.

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