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November 23, 2015
[Blue Line Lawyer]

“Peacemaking” Lance’s New Fiction Book

Peacemaking Cover

Peacemaking is about Scotty Painter, an officer coming to terms with his life. He reminisces about his past as his soul wanders the crossroads between life and death.

Scotty is the most respected member of his police department, having worked his way up from a street cop to deputy chief. After losing his wife, Christine, to cancer and giving his daughter away at her wedding, he now lives alone. His life as a cop is not easy, however, as he is haunted by the misery he has seen and the things he had to do to survive. One day, he finds himself sharing his deepest and most troubling thoughts with the only one who can truly understand his struggles and answer his questions. In a world far apart from his days filled with life and death decisions, Scotty comes face to face with his fears, his faith, and his destiny.

Price is $10.95 plus applicable tax & shipping. 
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We are honored by 5 star reviews on Amazon!

“A wonderful story that illustrates both the dangers that police officers can face and the raw human emotions that ensue.”
The Author creates a moving story about Scotty, a police officer who is facing difficult times, and gives the reader insight into how Scotty reacts to his life challenges and humanizes his character to show all sides of his being. You both cheer for and are sad for what Scotty must endure. Peacemaking is a testament to the dangers that law enforcement professionals can face. The book is a reminder to all of us that police officers have the same struggles, pain, family issues, and passions that come with being on this planet. Peacemaking illustrates how police officers react and process issues both in their professional and personal lives. Scotty could be an officer in any jurisdiction. The book gave me a greater appreciation for the difficult job police officers have.”
– Steve Johnson

“Would highly recommend this book – an inspiring and touching read”
Peacemaking is an insightful and heartwarming story about a police officer who is forced to face his fears and deep rooted beliefs in order to come to terms with his ultimate destiny. The author manages to convey to the reader the daily struggles, issues, and dangers that police officers deal with throughout their professional lives, and the effect this has on their personal feelings and relationships. Not only is this book full of compassion and warmth, it also makes us look a little closer at the choices we make in our personal and professional lives, and grateful for the relationships we hold near and dear. Would highly recommend this book – an inspiring and touching read!”
– J. Wiedeman

This was an excellent book…From the first chapter to the last the author keeps you wanting more..it is an amazing look into the life of a Peace officer. I believe this is a book that should be made into a Hallmark Movie!!!! So refreshing to read a book with such compassion and depth!!
– C. Keheley

Price is $10.95 plus applicable tax and shipping. 
Click here to order your copy: ORDER

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